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We strive to provide the highest quality tattoo specializing in watercolor and realism. We are constantly learning and growing to improve our craft.

Each artist apprenticed under Brad, learning here at Human Canvas Tattoo. And Brad has learned much from his apprentices. It takes years of hard work and dedication before obtaining a license. And we all still work together and help each other grow more and more each year. Each member of the team brings their own unique additions to the group, and by working so closes together we all benefit from each other.

Artist's Cubicle
Brad Owner and Artist

Brad Bellante     

Brad began his career in 1999 apprenticing under Curtis Moore here in Fredericksburg Virginia. He has worked at several different tattoo studios here in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, before opening up Human Canvas in 2014. Throughout the years he has a developed a style of tattooing far different than the traditional styles found too often in this area. He wants his tattoos to be works of art not repetition of flash tattoos from 50 years ago. His unique style is highly sought after with clients traveling from all over the country to get tattooed by Brad. Brad has passed down his years of experience to his apprentices, all of whom still work with us here at Human Canvas.

Angelina - Artist

Angelina Hansen     

An Air Force Veteran born in California, Angelina Hansen is a lifelong artist who has been at Human Canvas since the start of her career. She is incredibly excited to have found such a wonderful group of people to work and flourish alongside.

While she has a strong interest in Watercolor, Illustrative, and Anime-inspired designs, Angelina is always excited to explore tattoo ideas with her clients and find the perfect design they will cherish for a lifetime. Putting the same amount of care and creativity into her client’s tattoos as she would for her own, she loves nothing more than knowing her artwork has brought joy into another’s life. The constant creative adventure and growth of being a tattoo artist is what drew her to this field, and ensures that she will be part of the Human Canvas family for years to come.

Corinne Artist

Corinne Reinhart     

Corinne has been tattooing with Human Canvas since 2015. Having graduated from VCU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she has built her life around pursuing her passion for drawing, painting, and now tattooing! Her favorite subjects come from nature; she loves bringing animals and plants to life with vibrant colors and a watercolor flair.

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